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Sorry I have been away from posting I’ve been busy working then on my days off I’m catching up with work around the ranch. Dad ordered gravel last week and I moved 5 yards by hand to to horse’s winter shelter for mud control. I set up there shelter and it was an all day endeavor but greatly satisfying!

On the topic of mud control I wanted to say it’s very important to add gravel in high traffic areas but do so before it’s muddy and the horse’s will pack down the gravel themselves. It provides great drainage therefore the horse’s have dry paces to stand without sinking in mud. Mud creates a snowball effect of issues to our horses. Thrush, mud fever, scratches, rain rot and abscesses to only name a few. By just adding gravel that alone alleviates much of the headache and the horse’s are much more comfortable.

My horse’s shelter is bordered with panel gates and is constructed of a cement slab with stall mats on top for extra grip and comfort for the loading horse enjoying the dry area to escape the weather.

The job is never done at the ranch but all the hard work is so worth it!

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