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Hi there! I’m trying to post more often again sorry I’ve been away had to focus on work I drive for FedEx and was your friendly neighbourhood Santa for the holidays but now back to business!

Alright, for those of you like me, who work full time and have horse’s this is how I fit my ponies into my schedule.

Starting with the morning of my first day off, I feed then catch up on house chores till they are done. I understand many of you don’t have your horse at home so obviously you skip this part. When they are done eating I go down and set up their grain and feed them grain separate from their hay. I do this so they don’t pee on their hay it’s s method I’ve found works I don’t know if it would work for you too if you’ve got the same issue with ungreatful hooligan toddlers… anywho, moving on. While they are eating I undo the leg straps and sometime the belly straps to roll the blanket up to their wither. By doing this I can see how healthy their coat is under their blanket, how their weight is if they need their feed adjusted or if they have a gut that might indicate parasites so I adjust their care accordingly.

After checking on their body condition, I pick their feet, spray their soles with listerine. Listerine helps keep the foot hard and clean and/or free from thrush causing bacteria caused by constant moisture. After that I brush off their legs or hose off the legs then apply baby oil in a spray form to their legs up to their knee and hock. This helps keep their legs mud free and still white despite pasture life conditions! Most importantly it keeps mud from attaching to the skin and sucking moisture from the skin causing a wound that’s very painful for them. This wound is most commonly referred to as mud fever. If you do end u with a horse who has caked on mud that the horse finds painful if removed just spray baby oil on it daily until it falls off on its own.

These quick steps help your horses stay comfortable while you’re hard at work paying for their groceries.

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