As a trainer we work tirelessly waiting for the day the horse “wakes up broke”…

Sometimes it takes longer than others to happen but we train and take baby steps hoping for the day the lightbulb clicks on and BOOM! You’re riding a broke horse not a green bean anymore! That moment hit Charlie last week after we came home from county fair. It was her second year there and it put her life into perspective. She appreciates the lack of chaos and what I’m asking of her isn’t so bad anymore or overwhelming. Fair is so good for youngsters for this reason! Took her on her first trail ride since fair and she listened only to my legs, no spook and neck reined with the bit! It was only her second time wearing the bridle too! Such a nice feeling to know you did everything right and it finally all makes sense to the horse 🙂

Walking down the trail no hands, leg cues for direction and no spook just a 3 year old that knows her job!
Here, Charlie is standing quietly on the trail as my friend adjusts things on her horse and had to dismount. Patience in a 3 year old is hard to come by so to me, this is very impressive!

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