Horse camping Memorial Day!

Took my toddlers up horse camping for their first time they were good kids it was a lot to take in for them but each outing they get better and better!

We went to White Fish horse camp in Crescent, OR. It’s one of my favorites since you can ride to high lakes but you’ve got to time your trip between snow melt and misquotes. Great camping and the friendliest camp hosts ever!

Anyhow, some horse camping tips I found to make the trip most enjoyable are:

*Bring the doggo but string up a high line so they can move and not get wrapped up or trip you.

*weed free hay is the only feed allowed. I prefer alfalfa pellets. I bring a bucket for their pellets and soak them well so they don’t choke and it keeps them occupied for hours. It helps them stay hydrated too if they aren’t yet used to the water at camp.

*bring insect repellent for you and your animals, I had citronella bracelets and candles we had zero big issues.

*bring blankets for your horses at night it still gets cold no matter how warm the day is and bring more blankets for your bed too!

Have fun and be safe! Don’t push your horse if they seem overwhelmed, walk them around horse camp to see other camps that way they get a good feeling of their surroundings 🙂

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