Leonard had his first day working towards flying lead changes!

Flying changes take many steps before actually achieving the end result. First, to work on the simple change, then the interrupted change, the counter canter, add in a ground pole to help him get under himself enough to successfully execute the change. The time it takes to get these steps done depends on the horse.Continue reading “Leonard had his first day working towards flying lead changes!”

Leonard graduated to “one handed” riding! Big boy is now in the shank snaffle!

We have been working on neck reining slowly for years. We worked on softening for years, so the transition to neck reining wasn’t anything to “write home about” to mister Leonard. He accepted the new bit and the different pressure didn’t phase him at all! That’s how it’s supposed to go when you do yourContinue reading “Leonard graduated to “one handed” riding! Big boy is now in the shank snaffle!”

Leonard showing his stuff

Ground work carries over into work under saddle. Today, Leonard was transitioned into the shank bit and his first day bring ridden one handed. Setting horses up to succeed starts on the ground! The hours of ground work help him succeed snd learn without confusion under saddle every stage of training!

It’s not a “head set” it’s so much more!

Softness is sometime commonly referred to as a “head set”. Which is like comparing oil to water. A “head set” is forced, uncomfortable to the horse and achieved quickly. and incorrectly by forcing the horses head “down” which isn’t down at all it’s a stiff neck and hollow back and pinched throatlatch. Softness is firstContinue reading “It’s not a “head set” it’s so much more!”