Mollie had her first pedicure!

This stage is very crucial for any wild or unhandled horse. Getting their hooves trimmed has to happen ASAP to keep them comfortable. It’s one of the hardest things for a horse to learn to accept us holding their legs up. They’re instinct is to run away from confinement or force. They know they’re vulnerable if their leg is stuck. In the wild that could mean life or death. Showing them it’s ok to have their legs held up happens over time with short sessions getting longer so they don’t feel trapped. Little Miss Mollie did so well you wouldn’t know she was wild just a few months ago! Very proud of her progress and the farrier wasn’t inconvenienced by a hooligan toddler which is always a bonus when they don’t mind coming back haha!

My training assistant is a horse!

Leonard has been helping me train horses for 4 years and he loves his job.

I get the wilds or youngsters used to bags by using Leonard to show them it’s ok. I teach the wilds/ youngsters to free lunge with him too and to introduce them to voice commands stop. Leonard teaches by example and it makes learning fun for the horses in training.

Leonard is calm, tolerant but he also lets them know he has boundaries. He teaches them respect and space also.

He’s a special horse and I’m blessed to have him as a helper.

Mustang Mollie! Tag #7677

Her first two days in training we are already leading, picking up all four feet and lunging!

Follow her journey from wild to mild!

We will be doing almost everything at liberty, which means no halter, no force. If she feels she needs to run then she can. I want her to WANT to be with me not because she’s forced to.