Be silly

Kids make the best horses because they are fearless and silly. The horses get used to all sorts of shenanigans, in turn, creating a “bombproof” horse. they are full of energy and have all the time in the world to pester, pamper and poke their most adored thing in life, their horse. If you’ve grownContinue reading “Be silly”

Low and slow

We all like the relaxed, natural head carriage. I use the words natural and head carriage instead of “head set” because my horses do it on their own from learning it on the ground to being rewarded when they are being ridden and holding their head naturally low, relaxed and comfortable. I don’t use strapsContinue reading “Low and slow”


How do people seemingly “sculpt” their horses? Take the AQHA (quarter horse) for example. Same breed but so many variations! Well most horses are built for their “jobs”. Just like us they adapt and become stronger due to what their daily routine is. A broodmare is going to be very different from a barrel horseContinue reading “Conditioning”