The horse’s point of view on desensitization

As humans we think completely opposite of how the horse thinks. This is based on the difference between predator and prey problem solving. They are a “run now look later” mentality that’s been proven to keep them safe for thousands of years. without that “spooky” mentality their species wouldn’t exist today. As humans, we haveContinue reading “The horse’s point of view on desensitization”

Don’t be so demanding and remember to be an understanding friend.

This post is about taking a step back from your daily routine and stopping to smell the roses. We all strive for progress and success but this approach will open your eyes to a new angle of training. Being a passenger isn’t always a bad thing! Being a passenger at the right times is actuallyContinue reading “Don’t be so demanding and remember to be an understanding friend.”

The benefits of the “low n slow” naturally while lunging

A common question I get is “how do you teach your horses to drop their head on their own? How do you release pressure without having control over the horse?” The answer is simply this, I do have full control of the horse’s even though you see no ropes or contact they get their releaseContinue reading “The benefits of the “low n slow” naturally while lunging”