Catchy phrases to know with horses

Here are some phrases that are always helpful when dealing with horses. Most came from old school cowboys and I absolutely love their carefree outlook on horses. I have the utmost respect for those fellas! Here we go!

1) When riding English and learning to post, if you were lucky enough to have an instructor tell you these magical words you were taught right!

“Rise and fall with the leg on the wall”

2) when asking an old cowboy if the horse he’s trying to sell you loads, don’t be surprised when he tells you this.

“Well it wasn’t born here and it wasn’t rode here”. (My favorite!)

3) when the beginner asks the old cowboy if it’s hard learning to ride, and he replies with these fine words of wisdom.

“Hardest thing about riding is the ground”

4) when you fall off and look at the old cowboy for sympathy. Hes looking around like he doesn’t understand the emergency, then tells you this golden phrase.

“You’ve got two choices. Hospital or get back on!” (Here, you better be dying if you choose to not get back on lol)

5) and lastly, when breaking out a colt the old school way, the old cowboy hands you this hooligan horse and says these words that you cherish because they might be your last.

“It’s not hard stop over thinking. Get on and stay on that’s it”

Well folks there you have it I hope you enjoyed these fun phrases!