As a trainer we work tirelessly waiting for the day the horse “wakes up broke”…

Sometimes it takes longer than others to happen but we train and take baby steps hoping for the day the lightbulb clicks on and BOOM! You’re riding a broke horse not a green bean anymore! That moment hit Charlie last week after we came home from county fair. It was her second year there and it put her life into perspective. She appreciates the lack of chaos and what I’m asking of her isn’t so bad anymore or overwhelming. Fair is so good for youngsters for this reason! Took her on her first trail ride since fair and she listened only to my legs, no spook and neck reined with the bit! It was only her second time wearing the bridle too! Such a nice feeling to know you did everything right and it finally all makes sense to the horse 🙂

Walking down the trail no hands, leg cues for direction and no spook just a 3 year old that knows her job!
Here, Charlie is standing quietly on the trail as my friend adjusts things on her horse and had to dismount. Patience in a 3 year old is hard to come by so to me, this is very impressive!

First steps with a rider! No halter! No saddle just trust!

Sam is my recently wild 8 year old BLM mustang that I’ve been working with since April. We are using a new method I’ve customized for him since he gets nervous when feeling forced I rarely use a halter on him and he’s not a fan of saddles. This was the first time I’ve sat on him longer than just a few seconds! Good boy! Bareback and no ropes! Watch for our weekly progress 🙂

My mustang Sam and I

Sam is my 8 year old mustang he was gathered in either of 2020 and I got him in April 2021. He barely led and still very much wild but we have worked on training with no restraint and no force just trust.

Laying over him daily while he eats is now normal and nothing to fear
I lay over him and roll off the other side no halter no force
My black beauty ❤

Hi there!

It’s been a while, between work and sleep I haven’t had much time to ride. It was a month since I last rode! Probably the longest I’ve gone since I had my hips replaced! I had to make some life changes for me so I quit my job I was working 15-17 days 5 days a week I could hold that pace without losing myself so I left. Since I left, I’ve had time to find myself again, training my new hound and ridden twice this week! I’ve got a better job already in which I start next week so all is well 🙂 I’ll try to post some videos I have with my mustang and his progress with me. He’s now with a friend of mine getting consistent work since I had zero time to do so with work. He will be back home shortly but I know I’ve got a lot of catching up on here for you all. Stay tuned and happy 4th of July! Be safe 🙂

9 days after getting stuck on a t post in the middle of the night…

Leonard’s 9 day healing progress since he got caught on a t post then found in the road refusing to move… big thanks to our vet who came out as fast as she could! She made him comfortable and we were able to get him off the road. It took her pushing him and my dad leading and me moving his leg for him due to the muscle damage he couldnt do it alone.

Only 9 days and he’s got layers of new skin!!! The black is the leftover Equaide after washing (it comes off in its own).

So happy he’s healing so fast and thankful for all the prayers that have helped us along the way!