Patience and respect

Teaching patience and respect isn’t just for youngsters, any horse can benefit!

I teach all my horse’s to stand untied patiently until asked to move. If they lose focus it’s regained with a snap of my fingers.

This method is the result of many steps leading up to it stemming from ground work in the round pen and teaching the voice command stop and there they learn to stand until commanded to do otherwise. We then go outside of the pen and enforce it in the grooming area. This way they know what is expected of them we just change the environment.

This helps them to stand tied with impeccable manners, helps them stay focused on you, keeps their respect for you and very convenient if you need them to stand where there is no place to tie.

This is the first step to ground tying as well so when you’re on the trail and you get off you can drop your reins your horse will stand as if it’s tied.

Remember there’s preliminary steps leading up to this in order to set the horse up to succeed but be patient and consistent it will come.