Rooster the horse who was deemed a “lost cause”

You’ve heard of him here’s the real story.

I took on this horse after his owner felt defeated with his care. If I didn’t take him home she was putting him down. I took him home. People said I was taking on the impossible. I’m well aware of the journey we had that faced us. I took in a horse everyone said to put down. Mind you I have never ridden this horse or never known him before this. Something in me just couldn’t turn away. Rooster was skinny, not eating, non weight bearing on his bad leg and infection had spread to his hip causing it to atrophy. The first week I got him home the vet took X-rays and doctored him up but prognosis was bleak. She said theres no injury to the bone but if he did heal he wouldn’t be a riding horse “a pasture pet at most”. The next day he was weight bearing for the first time! This alone gave me hope and I decided not to put him down. I saw him fighting so I promised him I’d fight as long as he did. He wouldn’t eat hay or grain just green grass. He was too weak to stand long so most of our days were spend grazing and napping under the juniper trees. I stayed with him. After two weeks with me his appetite started coming back! He was eating grain finally! Once he was eating grain I knew he was going to survive. I fed him a complete feed grain so he was getting all the nutrients needed and day by day his strength was returning! After three weeks he was eating hay and grain normally. He was walking better and using his bad leg more and more. The more he used it the stronger it got. I battled the infection for three months. The infection was So bad it ate almost all of his muscle in his hip. I drew out the infection with Manuka honey and treated him daily with sulfa tabs until the infection was gone. Many have told me I’m a fool for trying to heal him but I see something in Rooster they don’t. I saw hope in his eyes. I saw the strongest will to live. I still see it to this day he’s a fighter and giving up is not in his cards. We are a team. Once he knew he was loved that’s all the power he needed. It was around the clock monitoring and daily doctoring keeping it clean and was healing! Beautiful pink skin is in the place of what was a horrific open wound. It was finally closing and regrowing hair! Miracles do happen. Angels do exist. He’s my inspiration and strength, and I’m his. After a year of non stop bullying and bashing I decided to take the next step in his care to give him to a close friend of mine. His life was no longer on the line and he was healthy and able to be cared for and live like a normal horse. He was not taken from me I gave him to my close friend. I saved him now it was just a matter of time until he was completely healed.

Updated July 2019:

Now after winning the battle to live and he’s been blessed with the second chance he deserves! Before I got him he was a kids ranch horse that took care of everyone who rode him. There’s no gentler horse than he. He never offered to kick me even changing his bandage or cleaning his would he is always Very respectful. At the young age of 11 this boy has been through a lot. Now our obstacle we face together are the horrible people who want him dead and they claim he’s “suffering” you wouldn’t believe that if you saw him running around in the pasture, happy to be strong again and have friends and living in a beautiful pasture with rolling hills nestled up to the forest. These people misrepresent old photos as current to gain attention and followers to continue to try to separate us. After all we’ve been through and fought side by side we refuse to be separated. They’ve called animal control on us and the officer noted there was nothing to report except a clean barn and happy animals. These bad people just won’t stop until they take him from me and kill him. We pray to God daily to give us strength to ride about the devil inside these people and let our loving light shine through. We have faith, he’s reminded us of our strength as long as we keep faith. God has saved my boy, he’s not going to let evil win. We are a team we will prevail. Rooster now lives a normal horse life and gives riding lessons to autistic girls. He brings joy to everyone who meets him. He’s my hero and I’m his.

Updated January 2020:

Even though he’s no longer with me I know I did my duty saving this boy when nobody else would now his life isn’t on the line and a rescue can finish what I started.

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