The art of growing that long, thick tail is easier than you think!

We all love a long, thick tail on a horse but how? Three simple steps!

1). Feeding a proper diet and supplementing BIOTIN helps aid in hair and hoof health.

*fun fact! Did you know that Biotin helps strengthen hair? Horses hooves are made of compressed hair! That’s why biotin helps hooves grow and become healthier too!

2). Keep the tail clean before braiding and wrapping. This will reduce breakage and matted hair.

3). Wrap with vet wrap. Why vet wrap and not a tail bag? Well, in a tail bag there’s a lot of air which dries out the tail. Horses also tend to pull the bags off over time you’ll find them in their stalls usually pooped on (we’ve all been there! Then we have a moment of silence for that once vibrantly colored, pretty bag that’s now all shades of green…). But instead, with vet wrap the wrap keeps it clean and dry but not allowing so much air to dry it out so the tail can grow to it’s full potential!

– be careful to NEVER WRAP THE TAIL BONE! If you wrap the tailbone you can cut off circulation and the tail will fall off!

This is how it’s done, wash the tail, let it dry for an hour or two, braid it, then bring the e d of the tail up through the top of the braid as if to fold it. Then start wrapping with vet wrap of your chosen color. The trick of this whole method is to secure the wrap so it stays on! How? Well, many miss this vital step so listen carefully. Once you’ve wrapped the tail and the bottom of the tail thoroughly so it’s in a little sock per-say, take the wrap, open the same hole you put the bottom of the tail through at the top of the braid and thread your vet wrap through that then continue wrapping the tail until you run out of wrap. Squeeze it all together with your hands to make sure the wrap is not going anywhere and boom! You’ve done it! Don’t feel bad if it looks funny or akward you’ll get the hang of it the more you do it. Now leave it in for two months at a time then repeat! I personally cut about two inches off the tail ends every time I take it out to do a new wrap to ensure no split ends and full healthy tail. If you stay now you’ll be very pleased with your masterpiece come spring!

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