No such thing as too much ground work!

The topic today is slowing down the speed demon.

We all know of or had that horse that just won’t slow down under saddle. Most of the time it’s a green broke youngster who had yet to learn their own body control. In some cases this issue is found in barrel horses, speed even horses such as Thorobreds and even the hot Arabians. This method works with the speed demons.

First teach the horse proper manners in the round pen and voice command stop so you know you have control before adding speed.

Get them used to lunging in a round pen that’s not oversized so the horse has to use its body to keep itself under control. Start at the trot and once the trot is slow then ask for more speed. Once the horse is going slow a few steps at the trot, stop and praise then end your lesson. Do the same at the canter. Keep them going around but don’t push unless they break gait to a trot. Once they slow a few strides ask them to stop, praise them then end the session.

*if your horse is sweaty always hand walk them out until cool to the touch before putting them away*

Be patient, don’t ask for too much and understand they have to build certain muscles in order to slow down. Reward the slightest try.

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