Does your horse have an embarrassing tail?

We all have or know of the horse with a pathetic tail. Usually found in Appaloosa horse but also in horses who have rubbed them out or had them chewed off. This will help your tail troubles and keep your horse comfortable in fly season!

First of all have fun with this, you’ll need a hair tie or rubber band, vet wrap of your choice and bailing twine.

Braid the tail, roll the tail up through the braid at the top then wrap with vet wrap. Bring the wrap through the same hole you brought the braid through. This keeps the wrap on. Then secure your bailing twine. Make a loop in the twine and run your wrap through it and continue wrapping the tail until the wrap runs out.

Don’t worry if it looks funny you’ll get better at it over time. This wrap can stay in for multiple months! In the winter I don’t add twine. Now you have your horses tail protected so it can grow, and a fly swatter to keep them comfortable. Make sure you are feeding proper nutrition and the tail should grow back to its normal thickness as before. Appaloosa owners you just might as well get used to this wrap your tails are not in the mail lol.

Function over fashion but I like the colored twine it’s fun!

Published by Jillian

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