Get sloppy!

So there’s a time and a place to stay clean but sometimes it’s a better idea to go outside instead of staying in the arena.

In Oregon we get a ton of rain. Most of us board where and indoor arena is or have one ourselves if we are fortunate enough. Schooling in the arena is a daily routine for us but sometimes it’s good to switch it up!

My gelding is what I call, a “princess”. He hates water, mud and getting his toes wet. Trying to walk him through puddles is impossible he’s stubborn and avoids it. So we thought outside of the box or arena persay!

What helps my youngsters get over their fear of puddles, water or just getting them out of their prissy bubble, I like to lunge them in a sloppy, soupy round pen. All horses can benefit. Yes it’s going to make your horse dirty but if it’s a sand arena it will brush off when it’s dry.

Mind you I spend 90% of the time lunging the horse only at a trot then a few canter laps each way before ending the lesson.

After lunging in the soupy round pen my horses willingly went through puddles when they wouldn’t touch them before.

Have fun, switch it up and keep them learning new things in new environments!

Published by Jillian

I specialize in problem horses, youngsters, horse rehabilitation and achieving softness and a better relationship between horse and their rider. I not only train horses but humans as well. Not your typical riding lesson but I can, if you so choose, teach you to train your horse! I’m always available to help answer questions or share photos or videos upon request to better illustrate my advice. I’ve mastered the “don’t break the bank” way of keeping your horse healthy and cared for while on a budget. If you walk into almost any large barn in Oregon you’re bound to meet a horse I trained or sold! I’ve trained over 623 horses and counting! I post updates as I receive them from clients and buyers. Thank you for taking the time to browse and hopefully learn something new!

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