Progress is made everyday!

Weather you see it or not, stick to your plan, be patient, reward the slightest “try” from your horse and listen to what they are trying to tell you. You follow these guidelines you’ll see progress in as soon as a week!

What I’m talking about is the fact that results can be seen in as less as one week if you’re dedicated, you listen to the needs of your horse, you don’t push for progress and you’re patient.

You ask most people they will say “you won’t see results in 30 days it takes longer”. Sure in some cases but if you’re listening to the horse your results will come faster than the average expected time. This is because most treat horses as a statistic and they feed it what the person at the feed store suggests, whom of which has never met your horse. These same people have adopted workout plans from watching clinics on you tube and expect noticeable results. That’s not how this works. Those have zero customization to what your horse needs as an individual. For example if I watch dance videos and workout tutorials in order to try to get myself fit it’s not going to work as well as if I go to the gym and get advice and coaching from a personal trainer. Customizing is key!

That all being said here’s my ONE WEEK TRANSFORMATION of my mare who was turned out to pasture all winter and just brought back into work. Results can happen you just need to listen to your horse.

Top photo is the day she started work and bottom photo is current. Note the relaxed body posture, and sudden change in color!

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