Let there be air!

It’s summertime, we’ve got our horses wearing their fly masks and smelling constantly of fly spray with in turn, makes us smell like “pledge” to the non-horse person lol!

You’re doing your best and that’s great but don’t forget that those masks can breed bacteria on the horses face. Wearing a fly mask everyday leads to dirty, smelly masks and sometimes har loss on the horse’s face due to lack of air and natural shedding of skin and hair. The masks are great but here’s some tips to keep your horse as healthy and happy as possible!

Wash your fly masks weekly and let dry in the sun, this helps keep the horses face free from bacteria and dirt that can irritate their eyes.

Wash your horses face once every two weeks with a medicated shampoo, sponge and warm water to free their skin from any fungus that may be breeding under the mask.

Let the horse take a couple days off from the mask a week in order to get natural airflow and sunlight that helps clear up fungus as well.

And lastly, rotate your mask with another type of fly mask so the horse doesn’t get rub spots on their face from prolonged wear. This and taking the masks off at night will help your horse stay healthy and happy this summer!

Published by Jillian

I specialize in problem horses, youngsters, horse rehabilitation and achieving softness and a better relationship between horse and their rider. I not only train horses but humans as well. Not your typical riding lesson but I can, if you so choose, teach you to train your horse! I’m always available to help answer questions or share photos or videos upon request to better illustrate my advice. I’ve mastered the “don’t break the bank” way of keeping your horse healthy and cared for while on a budget. If you walk into almost any large barn in Oregon you’re bound to meet a horse I trained or sold! I’ve trained over 623 horses and counting! I post updates as I receive them from clients and buyers. Thank you for taking the time to browse and hopefully learn something new!

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