Winter is around the corner. When to start blanketing?

With winter around the corner we tend to slow down how much we ride in general so our horses can get fuzzy coats and enjoy the soggy days off. When to blanket depends on what you refer really. Do you want a sleek horse year round? Blanket and double blanket and put them in a barn with lights on timers so the horse still thinks it’s summer. Myself, I prefer fluffy and natural so I wait for them to grow coats and don’t blanket until the rains arrive. I blanket with medium weight turn out blankets since mine live in my pasture.

Winter tip reminder:

Use baby oil on the horse’s legs to repel mud and listerine spray on their hooves after you clean them to prevent thrush.

Remember never blanket a wet horse they can get rain rot and it’s a very painful fungus.

Start ordering gravel and gravel your high traffic areas too to help manage mud.

Be safe and as always don’t forget to hug your horse it’s great therapy for you and they appreciate the attention.

Published by Jillian

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