After selling a horse we all hope to be sent updates on the horse but that’s not always reality.

The biggest issue I come across with selling horses is the new buyers option to keep the seller updated. Usually the first few months after the sale you get updates of the horse settling in well and the “I love my horse thank you!” Then contact tends to fade but as a seller that’s ok it means they are spending their time enjoying their horse.

Then there’s the controversy of the trainer selling a horse on consignment for the seller. The trainer finds an appropriate home and if updates are sent to the trainer they are related to the seller. The issue here is there’s almost always an attachment to the horse from the seller and they tend to get demanding towards the trainer to get updates on the horse. It’s not the trainers fault if the new buyer doesn’t wish to be in contact with the seller of the horse. Some of my buyers prefer it that way so they aren’t bothered to have visitors or people driving by checking on the horse and in some cases stalking the buyers and harassing them.

Moral of the story if you sell a horse you relinquish all rights to that horse. Including staying in touch. It’s nice to get a buyer who updates you but it’s rare to find one. Most buy the horse, inform you they love them and they are a happy team then that’s that. Just remember to keep in mind others privacy and their wishes to not be harassed. Once you sell your horse it’s their horse and their decision on who they update or even if they choose to do so. Just know in your mind you did your best to help them find their match in a horse partner and the silence means they are happy.

Selling horses isn’t for the faint of heart we all fall in love with these animals but we also have to respect their new homes and their privacy.

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