Welcom home Jordan!

I raised this baby as a weanling to yearling. I sold her to a young friend of mine. She did a great job training her and giving her a phenomenal foundation!

Jordan’s story is a rehabilitation story. She fractured her sesmoid bone in her right rear ankle. Bless her heart her mom went in with the surgery to remove the fragment. The surgery was done at OSU and was successful. It’ll be a long rehabilitation process but the vets were optimistic on her full recovery.

When I got Jordan home she had been on 4 months stall rest so she was pretty amped up. First stage was to put her in my stall with access out to my sand arena so she can run a little to get some energy out but not enough to hurt herself.

The next step after she got used to being able to go out or back into her stall without being a wild woman. It’s time now to move her to a bath that has flat pasture so she can move, have friends and get stronger. My pasture is just to slick and steep hills.

Once at the barn she was stalled at night, turned out during the day for a few hours to transition her to fresh grass since she hasn’t experienced it before. Shes always been stalled.

She’s sound enough to right lightly to start conditioning her back to normal.

We lunge daily, lots of trotting and a little loping. Riding, we just jog snd work on bending both ways. She’s very stiff. Everyday she gets more Kimber but that’s a process as well. Having her in pasture loosens up her body as well.

Thank you for following her journey!

She will never be for sale.

The day I picked her up
The day I picked her up
She’s so big my two horse slant is a one horse lol
Enjoying her turn out at home
Much needed bath to get the itchies off!
Her suite at home until she moved to the big barn with flat pasture to be a horse for the first time with friends and strengthen her leg.
Daily lunging! She’s still very stiff but everyday we work more on flexion and gets better little by little
First ride together! She’s stiff, worse to the right but that’s to be expected. She gets better everyday!
Working on softening her face and body, achieving that inside bend to both sides has helped her so much!
Third ride together, soft, supple, great inside bend to both sides!
Very happy with her progress! Rehabilitation isn’t just one part of their body it’s all parts physically and mentally.
Soft to a feel and happy expression! She’s happy to be back into light work 🙂

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