Leonard had his first day working towards flying lead changes!

Flying changes take many steps before actually achieving the end result. First, to work on the simple change, then the interrupted change, the counter canter, add in a ground pole to help him get under himself enough to successfully execute the change. The time it takes to get these steps done depends on the horse. If we run into something not in the plan, we’ve got to work on that until that hole is filled so he’s got solid knowledge.

The first day we worked on going over the ground pole and not hesitating (he’s very careful and never wants to mess up so he micromanages me lol). Then we worked on loping one way, stopping then loping the other way. We worked on picking up the lope more quickly that he’s used to. All of this is done in the snaffle since we are schooling. He has graduated into the big boy bit but for schooling like this he will always be brought back down into the snaffle for the best set up for him to to succeed.

This level of training is the most advanced thing he’s ever learned so it takes a lot of repetition, patience and a sense of humor to get there. It’s exhausting fir me as a rider as well! LOTS of leg is needed and oh man, am I tired as well by the end of it lol!

Enjoy this journey with us as we work to achieve the flying change also known as the “skip”!

Maintaining softness this whole time is key as well so he doesn’t lose track of his body. We need all of his balance snd coordination for this advanced maneuver.
Note the loose rein, I want him relaxed and not rushing into the new cues he will be learning over the course of his training journey towards the flying change.

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