Blanket leg straps

Blanket leg straps, you’ve seen the blanket falling off of some horses and some blankets seem to never move!

Well, this is why, the leg straps keep the blanket from sliding to one side. The straps are NOT meant to go around each hind leg.

There’s three ways to do the leg straps, around each leg (incorrect), then crossed is better but still not as good as looping them. what I mean by “looping” is you put one leg strap around one leg (I know I said not to, but bear with me here) then the other strap goes through the one already around the leg. This means both ate looped to each other. No rubbing, no discomfort and no blanket shifting! Yay!!

It’s impossible to know all the tricks but, this one is a handy trick to keep. It will save you lots of $ on replacing blankets after they’ve slid off and stepped on and ripped etc.

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