Let er buck!

This is a controversial subject in the horse world and always will be. Everyone does things differently. Some things work for others that don’t work for the rest. That’s life. “There’s more than one way to skin a cat” is a term that speaks the truth yet a little grotesque for my tastes but it applies here.

Some believe the never let their horse buck and it will tech them not to be allowed to buck when riding. To each their own but these folks are usually the ones that ask me how to get their horse to stop bucking after “Biscuit just started to buck one day and hasn’t stopped”.

My advice is simple. Let them do it, chase them when they do so it makes them work harder and soon you will have a horse that realizes ON IT’S OWN that’s a lot of work. Babies love to buck and play let them! Once they get it out they will be focused. You try to stop them from doing it they will be thinking about it instead of you.

First saddling, yes I let them buck and once they stop I praise them. My methods are built on letting the horse figure it out for himself what works and what doesn’t. I’m there to praise and reward when they are doing a good job and being “good citizens”. My praise is to have the horse stop and stand. This also enforces good brake pedal and my voice command stop (which is another discussion and something I like to teach at clinics).

Next time your horse wants to cut loose let them! I much rather they get it out before we put a leg over don’t you?

“Setting up to succeed” starts from the ground

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