Be silly

Kids make the best horses because they are fearless and silly. The horses get used to all sorts of shenanigans, in turn, creating a “bombproof” horse. they are full of energy and have all the time in the world to pester, pamper and poke their most adored thing in life, their horse.

If you’ve grown up with horses and been a “barn rat” like many of us were you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Why do we lose this child like way of being with our horses as we age? We get more responsibilities, we go to school, start families, chase careers and so on. Our minds are filled with priorities now. When we were kids we just wanted to have fun and enjoy our time with our horses. That’s still the case but we don’t have the countless hours we did before so we just focus on caring for the horse and making sure the horse is happy. That’s not a problem but try to spend a little time a week being a kid again with your horse. Be silly, run around and play with it in the pasture, laugh, be weird and tons of kisses. This will help keep you young, less stressed and your horse will love it!

Try to never forget the passion you had for horses when you were younger despite being an adult, that same kid is still in you. Bring it out and play!

Published by Jillian

I specialize in problem horses, youngsters, horse rehabilitation and achieving softness and a better relationship between horse and their rider. I not only train horses but humans as well. Not your typical riding lesson but I can, if you so choose, teach you to train your horse! I’m always available to help answer questions or share photos or videos upon request to better illustrate my advice. I’ve mastered the “don’t break the bank” way of keeping your horse healthy and cared for while on a budget. If you walk into almost any large barn in Oregon you’re bound to meet a horse I trained or sold! I’ve trained over 623 horses and counting! I post updates as I receive them from clients and buyers. Thank you for taking the time to browse and hopefully learn something new!

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