Inside look at how the horse sees his world.

First off horse’s aren’t humans. Too many people humanize the horse to make it look as if it understands English so we better relate to them. That couldn’t be more incorrect. Horses are animals and at any point can revert to instinct and cause harm to us we don’t emphasize on that enough. That beingContinue reading “Inside look at how the horse sees his world.”

When you do your groundwork the under saddle results are AMAZING!

Here is my 2.5 year old filly as of currently. I started her last spring and she’s ridden once a month for 15-20 minutes. She’s only walk trot at this time I don’t introduce the canter until they are very confident at lower gaits. Low, slow, no hands, this girl already knows her job becauseContinue reading “When you do your groundwork the under saddle results are AMAZING!”

My 2 and 3 year olds showing off their skills

They learned to carry themselves naturally before ever being ridden. I teach all my horse’s this way and it helps them collect under saddle also because it’s comfortable for them to move correctly instead of fighting them because their muscles aren’t developed yet. This helps them develop strong backs and topline as well as coordination.